Tel-Aviv, Israel / Munich, Germany – September 11, 2023 – Tritone Technologies, a global provider of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) technology for industrial production, announced today its new membership with the Bavarian Aerospace Association (bavAIRia). By joining the Bavarian aerospace cluster bavAIRia, Tritone deepens its commitment to the advancement of the aerospace industry within Germany.

“We are delighted that Tritone Technologies have joined our association”, says Andreas Gundel, Managing Director, bavAIRia. “Tritone’s MoldJet technology has the potential to revolutionize the way we can manufacture in the aerospace industry. Tritone’s expertise will undoubtedly help open new horizons for innovation”.

The association’s aims include fostering cooperation, driving innovation, and promoting research in the aerospace sector, all centered around Bavaria, a prominent hub for science, technology, aerospace, and space applications (LRFA). These efforts extend to various related technologies where the members possess specialized expertise.

“Joining bavAIRia is an exciting opportunity for us to bring our technologies to a wider audience and benefit from the diverse resources of this prestigious association”, says Mr. Steffen W. Kuhn, General Manager Germany & Austria, Tritone. “We firmly believe that our membership in bavAIRia and the resulting collaboration opportunities will drive groundbreaking developments in the aerospace industry”.

Tritone’s MoldJet technology is a novel powder-free additive manufacturing (AM) system that enables industrial production of high-quality metal and ceramic parts at an industrial speed. Built for producing large quantities of high-density parts with complex geometries and a wide variety of materials, the technology enables parallel manufacturing of parts of various sizes, shapes, and applications. With MoldJet technology it’s easy to choose between a variety of metal and ceramic materials and switchover between materials.


Tritone technologies transform metal Additive Manufacturing to address the demanding standards and needs of industrial production. The company’s innovative technology”enables accurate production of parts, at an industrial throughput, with a range of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials, suitable for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Consumer Electronics industries. Founded in 2017, Tritone is led by an experienced team of experts with a track record in driving technology innovation and business growth. Backed by private equity firm Fortissimo, Tritone is a global company and is based in Israel.

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The Bavarian Aerospace Association, commonly known as bavAIRia, is a network organization based in Bavaria, Germany, that focuses on promoting and supporting the aerospace industry in the region. bavAIRia serves as a platform for collaboration between aerospace companies, research institutions, and government agencies, with the goal of advancing aerospace technology and innovation in Bavaria.

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