Rosh Ha’ayin (Israel), May 31, 2022. SU-PAD has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Tritone® Technologies, a global provider of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) technology for industrial production. Hence, SU-PAD completes their range of metal 3D printers and services offered in Israel.

Experience, expertise, and high-quality service level in the AM field were important to Tritone when selecting a distribution partner in Israel. With SU-PAD, we have a competent and strong partner at our side in this region“, says Omer Sagi, VP Products and Business Development at Tritone. SU-PAD has nearly 30 years of experience in selling and executing projects in Additive Manufacturing, injection molding and robotics for industrial applications and has been a leading sales partner in Israel since then. In addition to expert know-how, SU-PAD contributes to the success of the new partnership with a proven distribution structure, its own training center, a service hotline, a demo center, and a professional Additive Manufacturing service.

Tritone’s MoldJet® technology is a “powder-free” innovative additive manufacturing (AM) system that enables industrial production of high-quality metal parts. Tritone’s AM portfolio is based on its patents pending MoldJet® technology, built for producing large quantity of high-density parts with complex geometries and variety of metal and ceramic materials.


triton DIM

In the last 3 years Tritone has improved the Dominant system and recently introduced the new Tritone DIM solution, to increase its set of available metal and ceramic materials to address the rigorous requirements of industrial applications. These enhancements include advanced verification of layer quality, precision and uniformity, higher throughput, and improved streamlined post process of parts.

Low Alloy Steel Copper Alloys

We are excited about the new partnership with Tritone, that will enable our customers to manufacture their metal parts with true innovative technology. Due to this they will have access to a vast library of materials with quality and throughput that only Tritone’s technology can achieve”, say Ziv Sadeh, CEO of SU-PAD.

SU-PAD | SU-PAD was founded in 1987 as a supplier of equipment and machinery for the plastics industry, specializing in the field of injection molding. Since then, SU-PAD has expanded in four areas of expertise: machines and equipment for the plastics industry, professional AM systems – polymers and metals for the Israeli industry, robotics, ultrasonic welding, and laser. Even after installation, SU-PAD continues to accompany its customers and help with implementation and advanced training. This way of working allows the company’s customers to enter the market quickly and compete efficiently and cost-effectively while maintaining a relative advantage. SU-PAD has 30 years of experience, is considered an industry leader, and represents the world’s leading companies in its areas of expertise.

Tritone® Technologies | Tritone® technologies transform metal Additive Manufacturing to address the demanding standards and needs of industrial production. The company’s innovative technology enables industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials, suitable for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Consumer Electronics industries. Founded in 2017, Tritone is led by an experienced team of experts with a track record in driving technology and business growth. Backed by private equity firm Fortissimo, Tritone is a global company and is based in Israel.


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