Tel-Aviv, Israel / Marignane, France – May 29, 2023 – Tritone Technologies, a global provider of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) technology for industrial production, announced today that INOVSYS, a French industry leader in the AM market, has added the Tritone Dim system to their business portfolio, allowing for industrial additive manufacturing of metal and ceramic parts.

Tritone Technologies has successfully completed the installation of its Tritone Dim system at INOVSYS, a French company focused on validating new processes in the AM industry that features a growing array of metal industrial systems. INOVSYS operates the first MoldJet system in France, paving the way for manufacturers to discover its benefits and qualify it for their applications.

The INOVSYS project is the fruit of a campaign led by ERM Fab&Test, Tritone’s exclusive distribution-channel partner in France. This project is particularly significant to Tritone, as it marks the company’s entry into the French market, thus strengthening Tritone’s global presence, alongside their already established reach in the United States.

“INOVSYS is a technology leader, and we are committed to the continuous investment in the field of additive manufacturing (AM)”, says Matthieu Lafare, Development Manager, INOVSYS. “Incorporating Tritone’s Dim system, featuring its MoldJet technology, is a true sentiment of our commitment to offer advanced and cutting-edge technologies to our customers and the increasingly growing AM market. This distinctive approach to AM provides a new solution that will be beneficial for our customers as they strive to meet all their technological needs. We are certain that with Tritone Dim we will reach a larger audience in the AM field and grow our existing customer reach”.

“Tritone’s innovative approach effectively addresses pressing challenges in the Metal AM industry”, says Cyril Liotard, CEO, ERM Fab&Test. “The highly anticipated arrival of Tritone’s technology in France is exciting as engineers from across the industry can now witness a live and functional MoldJet production line”.

MoldJet technology allows not only for industrial production of high-quality metal and ceramic parts at a rapid pace, but also allows for development of new products and supports new developments and R&D processes. This technology is specifically designed for producing large quantities of high-density parts with complex geometries, using a variety of metal and ceramic materials. This enables parallel manufacturing of parts of different sizes, shapes, and applications. MoldJet technology also provides manufacturers with great flexibility by supporting quick and simple changeover between a wide selection of metal and ceramic materials.

“INOVSYS and Tritone have a shared mission of enhancing the capabilities of manufacturers by introducing innovative production-level additive technologies”, says Amnon Sommer, Product Manager, Tritone Technologies. “Our goal is to expand deployment of the MoldJet technology, to find innovative applications, and to discover development opportunities, to the benefit of the industry. INOVSYS is a company that operates at the forefront of advanced industry in France, and so the choice to add MoldJet to their portfolio serves as a powerful affirmation of Tritone’s value proposition and will no doubt help expand Tritone’s reach into these markets”.



Tritone technologies transforms metal additive manufacturing to address the demanding standards and needs of industrial production. The company’s innovative technology enables industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials, suitable for the automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer electronics industries. Founded in 2017, Tritone is led by an experienced team of experts with a track record in driving technology and business growth. Backed by private equity firm Fortissimo, Tritone is a global company and is based in Israel.

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INOVSYS focuses on the testing, validation, and implementation of novel processes for the additive manufacturing industry. INOVSYS has made significant investments in 3D printing, boasting group industrial printers for both metal and polymer materials. The company offers support to its clients through various services such as producing prototypes and functional parts, conducting research studies to optimize designs and material properties, as well as process testing and training.
The company is actively involved in several large-scale 3D printing projects in France, collaborating with prominent corporations and research laboratories.

INOVSYS was founded in 2014 by a reputable group of shareholders, laboratories, and industrialists, including Airbus and EDF (French Main Energy Company). The company is based in the city of Marignane in France.



Organized around a multidisciplinary team, ERM Fab&Test offers digital manufacturing solutions for industry, medical and research. With a national sales and technical coverage, ERM Fab&Test is one of the main players of additive manufacturing in France. Since 2015, ERM Fab&Test partners with recognized and innovative manufacturers of machines to propose the best quality and performance to its customers. Thanks to its high technical expertise, ERM Fab&Test brings high value integration services associated with the manufacturing solutions.

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