Tel-Aviv, Israel / Rome, Italy – April 15, 2024 – Tritone Technologies, a global provider of metal and ceramic additive manufacturing (AM) technology for industrial production, announced today that COR.SA 3D, an Italian industry leader in the AM market, has added the Tritone Dominant system to their business portfolio, allowing for industrial additive manufacturing of metal and ceramic parts.

Tritone Technologies has successfully completed the installation of its Tritone Dominant system at Cor.Sa 3D, an Italian company the specializes in 3D optical scanning, reverse engineering and 3D printing. Cor.Sa 3D operates the first MoldJet system in Italy, hence allowing for manufacturers to discover its benefits and qualify it for their applications. The COR.SA 3D sale is the result of a campaign led by Selltek by Dedem, Tritone’s exclusive distribution partner in Italy. This move represents Tritone’s entry into the Italian market, enhancing its European presence alongside their already established reach in France and Germany.

“COR.SA 3D, part of Slayer Blades Srl, is a technological leader, dedicated to ongoing investments in additive manufacturing (AM)”, says Elena Scattolin, CEO, Slayer Blades Srl. “Our adoption of Tritone’s Dominant system, featuring its MoldJet technology, reflects our commitment to delivering advanced and state-of-the-art technologies to both our customers and the rapidly expanding AM market.” Luca Cintura, Product Manager at COR.SA3D adds: “This innovative approach to AM presents a fresh solution, catering to our customers’ technological requirements. We are confident that the integration of Tritone Dominant will extend our influence in the AM sector, broadening our customer base and expanding our current reach”.

“Tritone’s novel technology tackles key challenges within the Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) industry”, says Marcello Pagnini, Head of 3D Division, Selltek, Dedem. “The eagerly awaited introduction of Tritone’s technology in Italy is a thrilling development, enabling engineers from various sectors to observe a live and operational MoldJet production line.”

MoldJet technology allows not only for industrial production of high-quality metal and ceramic parts at a rapid pace, but also allows for development of new products and supports new developments and R&D processes. This technology is specifically designed for producing large quantities of high-density parts with complex geometries, using a variety of metal and ceramic materials. This enables parallel manufacturing of parts of different sizes, shapes, and applications. MoldJet technology also provides manufacturers with great flexibility by supporting quick and simple changeover between a wide selection of metal and ceramic materials.

“COR.SA 3D and Tritone share a common mission to elevate manufacturers’ capabilities by introducing innovative additive technologies at a production level”, says Ohad Dolev, Director of Business Development and Applications, Tritone Technologies. “Our objective is to broaden the implementation of MoldJet technology, explore inventive applications, and identify development opportunities to benefit the industry. As a company at the forefront of advanced industry in Italy, COR.SA 3D’s decision to incorporate MoldJet into their portfolio strongly validates Tritone’s value proposition and is poised to significantly extend Tritone’s presence in these markets.”


Tritone Technologies transform metal Additive Manufacturing to address the demanding standards and needs of industrial production. The company’s innovative technology enables industrial throughput of accurate parts with a range of metal and ceramic materials, suitable for the Automotive, Aerospace, Medical and Consumer Electronics industries. Founded in 2017, Tritone is led by an experienced team of experts with a track record in driving technology and business growth. Backed by private equity firm Fortissimo, Tritone is a global company and is based in Israel, with presence in North America and Germany.

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Cor.Sa 3D is one of the internal divisions of Slayer Blades, a leading company in the production of blades for slicing machines and industrial slicers. A new and innovative business solution that is rooted in many years of corporate experience gained in the field of optical scanning and reverse engineering. This has been possible thanks to the use of GOM’s 3D ATOS scanner, a machine that can scan any object and perform high-precision measurements. In this regard, Cor.Sa 3D can offer a full and professional service to all businesses that need it. To further develop the company’s production cycles, Cor.Sa 3D introduced 3D modelling and CAM (numerically controlled programs) as well as 3D optical scanning in the dimensional sample control cycles, the design stage and the product research and development division (supported, in this case, by a reverse engineering software workstation). Cor.Sa can offer completely personalized services and consultancy, carrying out a scan based on the specific characteristics of the model (material, color, size, weight), and guaranteeing maximum precision.
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The Dedem Group, founded in 1962, is the Italian leader in the automation sector for non-food vending machines in both the B2B and B2C sectors, with a team of 500 people, including over 200 technicians, IT specialists and programmers, distributed throughout the country. In particular, Dedem specializes in the vending of passport photos, entertainment photos and other digital printing services both in Italy and in Spain. It is also the main operator in Italy in the installation and management of play areas for children in shopping centers. Finally, it is active in the provision of installation and maintenance services for IT equipment and in the marketing and prototyping of 3D printers: Selltek by Dedem, created with the aim of maximizing the know-how gained in the world of additive manufacturing, is the leader company in the distribution of 3D printing technologies in Italy.

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