MoldJet® Technology

Tritone’s patent pending technology introduces an innovative approach to metal additive manufacturing, enabling industrial production of high-quality metal parts.

Industrial Throughput
Industrial Throughput

Simultaneous process exceeds throughput of 1600 cc/h to produce large
quantities of parts per shift.

Large choice of materials
Wide choice of materials

Variety of metal alloys including Titanium, Stainless steels, Tool Steels, Copper alloys and more.

Fine details and high surface quality
Fine detail and smooth surface quality

High printing resolution and precision enable complex part geometries.

Range of sizes
Range of sizes


From 2mm and over 350mm parts.

Auto layer correction
Auto layer correction

Real time verification and control of the quality of each layer.

Simple and safe material coverage
Powderless environment

Materials delivered through sealed cartridges – suitable for a clean industrial environment.

Convenient Industrial handling
Convenient Industrial handling

Robust green parts enable easy transition to sinter without damaging part quality.

High density of sintered parts
High density
of parts

Up to 99% of sintered parts.

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